Deployment and animation of collaborative solutions



CIRIDD develops and animates digital collaborative platforms, for the benefit of projects, positioning our association as an international knowledge production and management structure.

Each one of our projects of online collaborative platform takes into account the ambitions and dynamics of the partners. Usually, these latter  are networks of actors committed to a specific territory, that need to communicate and disseminate content in connection with their strategy, whether in terms of sustainable development, innovation, eco- design, new business models, resources, etc.

Our strong expertise in platform development allows us to fulfill the expectations of our partners from the genesis of their platform project (editorial line, functionality, production schedule, etc.). Prefiguration and implementation of functionalities, optimization and creation of graphic charter and its variations, developments and training of the facilitators of the platforms facilitators are also part of the CIRIDD's DNA.

CIRIDD team is frequently associated with these projects, both for contributions in terms of knowledge, monitoring, structuring of information and publication, as well as for specific missions of assistance and testing during the evolution of projects.


From a functional point of view, the AgoraSoft software solution developed by CIRIDD is resolutely part of a common good approach based on the dissemination of knowledge, i.e. each contribution or new development benefits to all the platforms created.


Know-how and an open approach between the actors and the collaborative tools offered.


The implementation of each project requires CIRIDD to have an exhaustive view of the different levels of interaction that may exist between the project leaders/partners with the collaborative platform (from the presentation of their activities and organizations, to news consultation and access to personalized monitoring, to their mobilization to become a full player in this dynamic by offering their own news and interacting with other members registered in the communities).

Thus, the networking of actors from different backgrounds is part of a logic of sharing, capacity building and co-construction of innovative solutions.