Cooperation and functional economy (CFE)



CIRIDD invested the subject of the functional economy in 2011 via the creation of the Club CLEF. The club brings together actors (local authorities, industrialists, researchers and experts) to share practices, and offers support for companies and local authorities. 


The functional economy is one of the 7 pillars of the circular economy as defined by ADEME. This model consists of favoring the use of products in their possession, i.e. selling or buying services related to material goods rather than the material goods themselves. (…)


The animation of the club is ensured by CIRIDD . This animation aims to mobilize, gather, and produce resources for members, but also to consolidate the deployment and recognition of the club across the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region.


The club aims to bring together actors and coordinate collective work to facilitate, promote, and make visible the deployment of the functional economy in the territory.


The dynamic of the club has made possible to generate projects directly supported by the actors (DEFI and RELIEF programs, European DIGI-FOF project, COEF P pilot action). It thus represents a space for sharing resources and work for the various stakeholders, who thus form a collective.

The CLEF club has a digital space within the community, where everyone can find resources (report, company career sheets, educational resources, etc.). Each member can also contribute by himself by publishing resources, initiatives, etc.

The CLEF club is thus open to all types of players (economic, institutional, network heads, communities, etc.) who wish to contribute and participate in the dynamic. It also aims to work closely with companies to develop operational projects .

The CLEF club also organizes events aimed at raising awareness and promoting functional economy projects. Each member can be proactive and participate in the organization of events, whether face-to-face or virtual.

At the national level , the CLEF club also participates in a collective dynamic by being part of a network bringing together regional clubs from different territories, all coordinated by EI-EFC, the European Institute for the Economy of Functionality and Cooperation. These monthly meetings make it possible to create a place for exchanging experiences and acquiring knowledges. Beyond the exchanges between the facilitators, this also makes possible to weave a national network and to make connections between companies engaged in this trajectory.

• Valorization and visibility of skills, resources and projects of the territory on the functional economy;

• The construction and implementation of systems (working methods, training systems, information dynamics) intended to contribute to the deployment and success of economic development models;

• The construction and implementation of concrete actions facilitating the transition of organizations and territories towards the functional economy, whatever their size and their field of activity. The club can also produce resources for its community (notes, practical guides, technical sheets, educational and methodological tools, etc.). The form and the subjects are worked according to the needs of the collective.



RELIEF collective action launched by CIRIDD which consists of supporting companies in the transformation of their economic model.

General objectives of the program

• Support regional companies in their transition to the functional and cooperation economy.

• Animation of a pool of 6 consultants, improvement of the support and capitalization methodology.

• 1 regional closing event on June 16, 2022

• Storytelling of business journeys in the form of video testimonials and trajectory sheets.



Key figures:
• Launch in September 2019 at UCLY: 100 participants
• 30 companies participated in previous editions
• 35 pre-diagnoses carried out, 15 companies involved in RELIEF 3
• 9 meetings (more than 50 registered per meeting) on ​​"Management, Responsible Digital , engaging in EF, intangible resources, feedback, etc., with 8 partners mobilized
• Several online webinars are available for replay on CIRIDD's YouTube channel and are free to consult for any actor interested in the subject




To echo the development of the offer, CIRIDD then initiated an action on public procurement and functional economy , the CoEFP program, with the support of ADEME and the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region, with the objective of facilitating the integration of EFC into public procurement.

Since 2018, CIRIDD has also co-hosted a national workshop of the European Institute for Functionality and Cooperation Economics on “Public Procurement and Functionality and Cooperation Economics”.

In 2021 and 2022, CIRIDD contributed to another national mission to boost the functional and cooperation economy in the regions of France.