International Circular Economy Network


A true place for promoting projects and meeting players, the International Circular Economy Network was pusblished online in 2015. More than 1,200 concrete achievements and as many project leaders (companies, communities, associations) in the territories were highlighted since then.


This ecosystem of knowledge and cooperation continues to develop, thanks to local facilitators. In addition to their weekly production of rich news and feedback, the local facilitators connect actors and their initiatives at local, regional and international level.

The circular economy is a reality !

The Network covers many themes and means of action, including the issue of resources, eco-innovations, approaches around the 4Rs (reduce, reuse, reuse, recycle), eco-responsibility, sustainable supply, eco-design, industrial and territorial ecology or functional economy, etc.

In order to rely on the specificities of each territory with regard to its context and its levers (such as animation and sectors, local resources, economy, public policies, infrastructures), territorial collaborative platforms are led as closely as possible to the actors and projects.

With the Network :

  • Share your feedback, publish your news and your events.
  • Create your profile and that of your organization to be identified in the network
  • Question the Network to get answers to your personal issues
  • Find opportunities within the network through the weekly newsletter

Evolution of the network from 2015 to today



    2015. Launch of the network

    3 platforms launched in 2015:


    2016. Aquitaine Platform

    Launch of in the Nouvelle Aquitaine region


    2017. Normandy Platform

    Neci joins the EC network


    2018. 2 new platforms

    • Metropolis of Grand Paris
    • Province of Quebec

    2019. Grand Est Region Platform

    Collectif-grandest joins the network


    2020. Occitanie platform

    Cycl'op joins the network.


    2021. 2 new platforms

    • Preci (Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur Region Platform) joins the network
    • Synapse Network (EIT)


    • Brittany region
    • Initiation of an exchange mechanism on the circular economy in the Mediterranean (in progress, Ademe market)

CONTACT: Denis Cocconcelli