The International Center for Resources and Innovation for Sustainable Development (CIRIDD in French) is an association under the 1901 law created in 2005 and recognized as being of general interest. CIRIDD aims to contribute to the emergence of new models of society, more respectful of living beings in their diversity, future generations, and the planet. CIRIDD acts for the promotion and change in favor of sustainable development, based on cooperation within organizations, territories, and sectors. Innovation and the right to experimentation are the spearheads of CIRIDD. Its activities are deployed on different territorial scales, from local to international level.



The linear system (extract – manufacture – consume – throw away), on which our economy has been based since the industrial revolution, is at the end of its rope. The development model generates mostly harmful environmental, social, and economic externalities. We are resolutely dependent on materials that are becoming scarce. Our modes of production, consumption, and life are not sustainable. They draw on natural resources and have a strong impact on the environment, health, and the climate.
CIRIDD's actions aim to engage stakeholders in the appropriation and implementation of collective processes of change anchored territorially and based on cooperation models such as the circular economy, the functional economy, industrial and territorial ecology, biomimicry, eco-design, extending the lifespan of products, and innovation through use.

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