Médiaterre, 20 years serving the dissemination of sustainable development news


2002 corresponds to the official date of launch of Médiaterre in Johannesburg during the World Summit on Sustainable Development. At the origin of the project, a partnership between CIRIDD, the Ecole des mines de Saint-Etienne and the Institut de la Francophonie pour le Développement Durable (IFDD) which led to the recognition of the project by the United Nations as a remarkable partnership initiative (Type 2 Initiative).


The 750,000 page views (Analytics) in 2021 are the sign of Internet users' need for reliable and varied information on sustainable development. With 14,000 members and as many followers on Twitter, the significant visibility offered by Médiaterre allows organizations, institutions, media or ordinary citizens to tackle issues related to energy, governance, sustainable cities, climate change or biodiversity, etc. and to share their knowledge, news or points of view with this large audience.

Médiaterre has been able to adapt to the evolution of Internet uses and in particular to the influence of social networks as vectors of information. CIRIDD continuously manages Médiaterre's Facebook , Twitter and YouTube accounts.

Despite these positive signals and the different orientations discussed between CIRIDD and the IFDD, the definition of a sustainable economic model to pursue its activities and continue to inform and inspire the informed general public and professionals appears as a brake on the future of Médiaterre .The evolution of the editorial line envisaged, in particular the feedback of practices in the field, the interrelation between the issues and their reciprocal impacts, the production of new content, all in close connection with the Sustainable Development Goals requires for the CIRIDD to find new partners able to carry this dynamic for one of the historical platforms created by the CIRIDD.

A call for ideas is launched to create a dedicated working group. Send your intentions to participate to: contact@mediaterre.org

Find out more: http://www.mediaterre.org/